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Many people daydream about being able to work from home, but donít think they have the skills required to do so, or that all work at home jobs are scams, and that they should just forget about the whole idea and keep doing what they are doing everyday on their boring, dead end job they hate.

Little did these people know however, that they can work at home, and get paid nicely doing so, playing video games. Donít think that this is a pie job, because while it does have its perks, it is not as easy as it seems. You have to have the patience to play the same video game over and over and over again, no matter how boring you find it to be.

You have to be able to pay attention to even the minor details, so that if a flaw exists, you can report it back to the game maker, so that it can be modified before the game is released.

Not all video game testers get the chance to work at home; most usually begin working at a company location, and then once they prove their worth, may be able to work from home. Occasionally, it may be possible to find a starting position that will allow you to work from home, you just have to look around and see what it is out there. Most companies donít refer to job as video games tester; it will be listed as quality assurance. When filling out your resume and cover letters, you should try to sound as professional as possible, and let them know that you know the job is more involved than simply playing games, that you are responsible in part for the success or failure of their games.

If you are lucky enough to be awarded an interview, you need to plan to make a great first impression. Donít just talk about what a great gamer you are, talk about how excited you are to be able to make a difference in the video game industry, and talk about some of the ideas you have had in the past while playing various video games. Let them know how sometimes it is the small things that make a game fun or make people hate it, and that you are dedicated to eliminating those problems.

Video game testers have to be willing to play the game in every possible way, so that all bugs can be found and taken care of. In some games, there are many different possibilities, meaning that it could take days to go through them all. Once you find a bug or problem, you need to note it well, so that the game design team can go back into the game and fix it. You may be asked to work on several different games at once, meaning that you will have to be able to keep up with them all, and know exactly what is going on and where you are at all times in more than one game.

It is not always easy to get a job as a video game tester, but using these resources it can become a little easier.

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